Vacuum, Shampoo and Fragrance

Some Car Washes have ONE machine for the fragrance, ONE machine for the shampoo and ONE machine for the vacuum. At Scappoose Car Wash we have ALL THREE FUNCTIONS IN ONE MACHINE.

Our vacuums offer unparalleled suction by using the power of two motors to suck up any debris that you might throw at it. A $1 deposit into the machine will get you 4 minutes of vacuum time.

Our fragrances are unmatched in brilliance and quality. Choose from NEW CAR, CHERRY, VANILLA, or PINA COLOTA with the simple push of a button. A $1 deposit will give 1 minute of fragrance time.

Our Shampoo is set apart from all others in its ability to clean stubborn stains and revitalize worn upholstery. A $2 deposit in the machine will allow for 8 minutes of shampoo time.

Detail your interior for only one $5 bill.
20 Minutes of Vacuum Time                                 5 Minutes of Fragrance Application                    20 Minutes of Shampoo Time

It is all as simple as a push of a button to switch between functions!