Dog Wash

Our dog wash comes with three different types  of shampoos, a conditioner, and an odor remover. Talk about better than doing it at home in the bathtub!

Disinfectant: Should be applied to the tub only. After the money has been entered into the pay station, switch the toggle to disinfectant and spray down the tub. And once you are done washing your dog, please use it to clean the tub.

Shampoo: Our most popular and effective shampoo. It is safe for your puppy’s skin and will remove all the dirt and oils from its fur leaving only a wonderful luster behind. The shampoo comes mixed with the water as you apply it to your dog, thus no need for an initial rinse.

Rinse:Our water is premixed for the proper temperature to insure a comfortable experience for your dog: too hot and it is bad for their skin, too cold and the dog will be uncomfortable.

Conditioner:Leaves the fur silky and smooth for weeks. Many customers have been really pleased with this product.

Gentle Dry:Set at the ambient air temperature for the safety of your dog’s skin. This mode is for drying the dog’s face and sensitive areas.

Super Dry:Also set at the ambient air temperature. This is higher pressure to help dry the dog’s fur quickly and effectively.

Oatmeal Treatment Shampoo:Designed for dogs with dry, flaky skin. Deep cleansing and soothing for even the most sensitive dogs.

Flea/Tick Shampoo:Customers have reported seeing flees jump off of their dog as they apply this shampoo that is designed to get bugs off and keep them off. Need we say more?

De-Skunk:People ask “Does it work?” the answer is a resounding YES. More than one frustrated dog owner will attest that this treatment gets even the most pungent skunk smells off.

The dog wash accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, as well as quarters and tokens, but be aware that the machine will not give change. Should you require change, please use the change machine at the front of the building. $5 will get you 10 minutes of tub time, if you don’t let the timer expire $0.25 will get you 30 seconds.