Self Serve Bays

Some of the Most Advanced Self Serve Bays Around:  Our Self Serve Bays come with 8 options to help you leave with a shiny, clean car.  It accepts $1 and $5 bills as well as quarters.

Presoak:  Our powerful presoak is designed to go onto your car, loosen the dirt, and provide lubricity so that it can be easily removed from your cars surface.

Tire Cleaner:  Our heavy duty tire cleaner is formulated to break loose dirt, rust, and brake dust from your wheels and tires safely and effectively in order to restore the “black” look to your tires and the shine to your wheels.

Foaming Brush:  Our foaming brush holds is unsurpassed in quality.  foam laden with lubricity flows out the brush head to provide lubricity for the bristles as they clean your car.  The foam is laced with special detergents to provide an excellent clean.  Remember to always rinse the brush head with high pressure water before use.

High Pressure Soap:  Our high pressure soap is our own custom blend of detergents and additives designed to remove road dirt and soils while blended with high pressure water.  Use this function for a quick dusting in between washes and to remove Pre Soak and Tire Cleaner while performing a touchfree wash in the self service bay.

High Pressure Rinse:  Designed to provide quick and effective rinsing when you are done with your soaping.

Clear Coat Protectant:   A synthetic formula designed to seal your wax finish on your vehicle, causing water to bead and fall right off, while providing long-lasting protection.  Not to mention it smells good.

Spot Free Rinse:  This should be the last thing you do to your vehicle before it leaves our bay.  The water goes through reverse osmosis in order to remove all contaminates that would leave any sort of “water spots” on the vehicle.

Triple Foam Conditioner:  For those that really love their car.  This foaming conditioner provides extra polishing and protection to your paint while being applied in six different colors.  The triple foam conditioner, when followed by the clear coat protectant, will help provide a greater shine and better bead from your vehicles paint.